Term Time Climbing Club

Term Time Climbing Club


Our “Term Climbing Club” is an essential session for any young climber out there. These are ideal supervised sessions for children that want to learn from one of our experienced instructors and progress their climbing. It involves a one-hour weekly club session designed to provide climbing skills progression while, incorporating fun games. We have separate sessions for young children (7-11Yrs) and youth (12-15Yrs). These run in two 1/2 term blocks in line with the school terms, costing £150 For the full term with shoe hire included.

  • Clubs run from Monday to Thursday for block booking terms.
  • The kids will learning all elements of Bouldering.
  • All equipment is provided and no experience is necessary!
  • Get your children learning all about climbing in a fun, safe and comfortable environment!

The child attending the class must have a waiver completed by a parent or guardian before attending.

This can be completed here. Acknowledgment of Risk (smartwaiver.com)

Just click already watched video and follow the on-screed instructions.