WBL Round 3 2019/2020

WBL Round 3 2019/2020

What an amazing start to the year! Not only did we have some funky boulders to climb on but there were some outstanding performances. There we some lovely surprised expressions when they found out they had made it to the podium. Make sure you’re down for the next round and see if you can surprise yourself this year.

Now on to those eagerly awaited scores, starting with the beginner category:

Sex Name Category Round 3
Female Fay Allen Beginner 124
Female Kara Morgan Beginner 124
Female Lili Logan Beginner 114
Female Iona Kelly Beginner 100
Female Katherine Lee Beginner 87
Sex Name Category Round 3
Male Harvey Fitch Beginner 124
Male James Styant Beginner 87

There were definitely some missed chances in the beginner category for the men. Make sure you don’t miss out. Not only could you have some fun but you could also win some goodies!

Over to the intermediate category:

Sex Name Category Round 3
Female Georgie Hinds-Dutton Intermediate 118
Female Emma Lucus Intermediate 106
Female Vikki Catantan Intermediate 90
Female Eloise Gent Intermediate 84

Over to the Men:

Sex Name Category Round 3
Male Finley Logan Intermediate 176
Male Kai Chilvers Intermediate 169
Male Ben Robins Intermediate 148
Male Alec Ware Intermediate 141
Male Tim Lee Intermediate 135
Male Phil Conway Intermediate 130
Male Phineas Wenlock Intermediate 128
Male Gavin Beswick Intermediate 127
Male Will Osborne Intermediate 127
Male Luke Mddok Intermediate 125
Male Jorge Fitch Intermediate 124
Male Lewis Wilson Intermediate 120
Male Zac Conway Intermediate 114
Male Alfie Green Intermediate 111
Male Jacob Wilson Intermediate 111
Male Samuel Hudyk Intermediate 109
Male Jay Clarke Intermediate 102
Male Robert Glenny Intermediate 98
Male Tommy Offord Intermediate 97
Male Radu Adobroaie Intermediate 97
Male Benjamin Wheeler Intermediate 83
Male Gabriel Beckett Intermediate 80

Well done to all as there are some impressive scores. Make sure you’re down for the next round to have a chance of winning with your overall score from all 5 rounds.

Finally on to the Experienced category:

Sex Name Category Round 3
Female Ella Scott-brown Experienced 145
Female Hana Hunt Experienced 144
Female Amy Ellison Experienced 125
Female Hanna Ellison Experienced 125
Female Lauren Ellison Experienced 119
Female Emmi Hunt Experienced 82

What an incredibly close round for the experienced Women with one point separating 1st and 2nd place.

Over to the gents:

Sex Name Category Round 3
Male Sean Smith Experienced 199
Male Marcus Creed Experienced 194
Male Christopher Harvey Experienced 189
Male Rhys Wilkin Experienced 169
Male Matous Kundrik Experienced 161
Male Rhys Robinson Experienced 144
Male Jake Smith Experienced 138
Male Ethan Wyatt Experienced 120
Male Sean Lockwood Experienced 110

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