WBL Round 2 2019

WBL Round 2 2019

Christmas Party season is upon us, well done to all that managed to make it down to CCP for the second round of the winter bouldering league. Round 2 was epic with the routes challenging everyone. If you haven’t been down make sure you get down and try out these funky boulders. They’ll get you into all sorts of positions and you’ll question what is possible.

Some really impressive sends from all, with the kids really showing their own!


Sex Name Category Round 2
Female Kara Morgan Beginner 130
Female Daniela Deveikyte Beginner 122
Female Kelly Thake Beginner 114
Female Katherine Lee Beginner 110
Female Sandy Wilken Beginner 93
Female Lili Logan Beginner 71
Female Chloe Ellis Beginner 70

The Gentlemen:

Sex Name Category Round 2
Male Harvey Fitch Beginner 140
Male James Carr Beginner 137

Onto the Intermediate Category, starting of with the ladies:

Sex Name Category Round 2
Female Hana Hunt Intermediate 119
Female Georgie Hinds-Dutton Intermediate 115
Female Vikki Catantan Intermediate 97
Female Emma Lucus Intermediate 95
Female Emmi Hunt Intermediate 88
Female Eloise Gent Intermediate 85

Over to the Gentlemen:

Sex Name Category Round 2
Male Connor Wilken Intermediate 173
Male Kai Chilvers Intermediate 168
Male Finley Logan Intermediate 161
Male Rhys Wilkin Intermediate 158
Male Matous Kundrik Intermediate 152
Male Ben Robins Intermediate 146
Male Ethan Wyatt Intermediate 134
Male Tim Lee Intermediate 131
Male Jorge Fitch Intermediate 121
Male Gavin Beswick Intermediate 111
Male Phil Conway Intermediate 110
Male Ryan Medows Intermediate 105
Male Alex Stuart Intermediate 101
Male Aaron Kern Intermediate 99
Male Phineas Wenlock Intermediate 97
Male Benjamin Wheeler Intermediate 97
Male Joe Cribben Intermediate 95
Male Tommy Offord Intermediate 90
Male Lewis Wilson Intermediate 90
Male Shaun Churchyard Intermediate 90
Male Jay Clarke Intermediate 88
Male Robert Glenny Intermediate 87
Male Samuel Hudyk Intermediate 81
Male Gabriel Wenlock-Moros Intermediate 81
Male Matt Seales Intermediate 80
Male Harry Adams Intermediate 50
Male Harry Wenden Intermediate 24

Finally we have the experienced category where the climbs really did get tough towards the end. Of course the ladies first:

Sex Name Category Round 2
Female Hanna Ellison Experienced 154
Female Ella Scott-brown Experienced 136
Female Lauren Ellison Experienced 132
Female Emese Bartha Experienced 128
Female Amy Ellison Experienced 110

Last but not least the experienced gentlemen:

Sex Name Category Round 2
Male Marcus Creed Experienced 198
Male Alex Hart Experienced 192
Male Josh Terry Experienced 120

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