WBL Round 4 2019/2020

WBL Round 4 2019/2020

Round 4 was made special with a special guest setter from Wales with the usual reprobates. He brought his usual flare which we all enjoyed and produced some brilliant photos of people flinging themselves across walls! The climbs are all still up till the beginning of March so don’t miss out on trying them, with all of Steve’s classics “bangers” on the walls your sure not to be disappointed.

Everyone gave it their all and you can see in the results how closely fought it was.


Starting off with the female beginner category:

Sex Name  Category Round 4
Female Fay Allen Beginner 114
Female Kara Morgan Beginner 107
Female Kelly Thake Beginner 91
Female Sandy Wilken Beginner 70
Female Lili Logan Beginner 69

Over to the Gentlemen:

Sex Name  Category Round 4
Male Sam Trelor Beginner 130
Male James Carr Beginner 127
Male Luke Summer-Wilson Beginner 127

Onto the Intermediate category, with only 5 points separating the top two females:

Sex Name  Category Round 4
Female Georgie Hinds-Dutton Intermediate 129
Female Emma Lucus Intermediate 124
Female Eloise Gent Intermediate 85
Female Ada Bakker-mueller Intermediate 54

Over to the men.

Sex Name Category Round 4
Male Finley Logan Intermediate 171
Male Connor Wilken Intermediate 161
Male Ben Robins Intermediate 147
Male Alec Ware Intermediate 142
Male Gavin Beswick Intermediate 130
Male Phineas Wenlock Intermediate 118
Male Jacob Wilson Intermediate 114
Male Lewis Wilson Intermediate 111
Male Luca Ottevanger Intermediate 110
Male Luke Maddock Intermediate 106
Male Harvey Fitch Intermediate 91
Male Robert Glenny Intermediate 88
Male Ethen Rudd Intermediate 71
Male Gabriel Beckett Intermediate 55

Finally we are at the experienced category, and starting the with the women. Again it was very close with 7 points separating the top two:

Sex Name Category Round 4
Female Hanna Ellison Experienced 168
Female Hana Hunt Experienced 161
Female Ella Scott-brown Experienced 156
Female Lauren Ellison Experienced 141
Female Emmi Hunt Experienced 106

Finishing with the men. A visiting climber from Edinburgh showed us some fancy moves to claim top spot. Well done to all that took part it was a true spectacle of power, flexibility and cunning by everyone climbing. If you haven’t been down yet what are you waiting for? The comp climbs will be up until the next round, on the 4th of march. https://www.facebook.com/events/461199528078257/

Sex Name Category Round 4
Male Przemek Klyta Experienced 202
Male Sean Smith Experienced 198
Male Rhys Robinson Experienced 184
Male Max Bakker-Mueller Experienced 178
Male Kai Chilvers Experienced 173
Male Marcus Creed Experienced 171
Male Chris Harvey Experienced 171
Male Cameron Kemp Experienced 160
Male Ethan Wyatt Experienced 147
Male Jake Smith Experienced 144
Male Jorge Fitch Experienced 138
Male Rhys Wilkin Experienced 135


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