WBL Round 1 2019

WBL Round 1 2019

What an amazing start to our Winter Bouldering League. Smiles all round and lots of impressive sends from the smallest to the largest of competitors!

If you haven’t had a chance to come down and try out the most recent set of comp problems make sure to not miss out and come down. Score cards are still available at the counter with maps dotted around the centre. Well done to all that took part and we look forward to having you all down on the 11th of December.

Without further delay here are the results of the first round:

Sex Name Category Round 1
Female Vikki Catantan Beginner 141
Female Fay Allen Beginner 121
Female Kara Morgan Beginner 120
Female Chloe Ellis Beginner 87
Female Lili Logan Beginner 84
Female Cherokee Hodges Beginner 70
Female Amanda Day Beginner 60


Sex Name Category Round 1
Male Gabriel Beckett Beginner 131
Male Tom Jackson Beginner 119
Male Harvey Fitch Beginner 117


Intermediate category:

Sex Name Category Round 1
Female Lauren Hooper Intermediate 131
Female Georgie Hinds-Dutton Intermediate 130
Female Emma Lucus Intermediate 128
Female Hana Hunt Intermediate 122
Female Emmi Hunt Intermediate 100
Female Carolyn Hinds Intermediate 90
Female Eloise Gent Intermediate 83


Sex Name Category Round 1
Male Ben Read Intermediate 175
Male Rhys Wilkin Intermediate 168
Male Matous Kundrik Intermediate 168
Male Kai Chilvers Intermediate 161
Male Arran Baker Intermediate 160
Male Finley Logan Intermediate 159
Male Clayton Blackaby Intermediate 158
Male Gavin Beswick Intermediate 154
Male Ethan Wyatt Intermediate 151
Male Joshua Tyrrell Intermediate 151
Male Phil Conway Intermediate 150
Male Jorge Fitch Intermediate 148
Male Ryan Meadows Intermediate 147
Male TJ Waite Intermediate 145
Male Tim Lee Intermediate 145
Male Ben Robins Intermediate 144
Male Harry Hughes Intermediate 144
Male Alec Ware Intermediate 142
Male Drew Tuck Intermediate 137
Male Tom Knight Intermediate 130
Male Luke Maddock Intermediate 128
Male Harry Adams Intermediate 127
Male Phineas Wenlock Intermediate 127
Male Fred Gravenor Intermediate 125
Male Aaron Palmer Intermediate 122
Male Tommy Offord Intermediate 120
Male Tom Leeds Intermediate 115
Male Benjamin Wheeler Intermediate 114
Male Radu Adobroaie Intermediate 109
Male Zac Conway Intermediate 107
Male Samuel Hudyk Intermediate 100
Male Robert Glenny Intermediate 98
Male Lewis Wilson Intermediate 93


Experienced Category:

Sex Name Category Round 1
Female Ella Scott-brown Experienced 157
Female Lauren Ellison Experienced 137
Female Amy Ellison Experienced 134


Sex Name Category Round 1
Male Sean Smith Experienced 191
Male Sean Lockwood Experienced 185
Male Marcus Creed Experienced 181
Male Chris Harvey Experienced 178
Male Toby Lovejoy Experienced 167

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