SBS Round 2 2019

SBS Round 2 2019

The summer comp of all summer comps! Below are the eagerly awaited results of round 2.

Starting with the Beginner Category:

Sex Name Catogory Round 2
Female Cheyenne Hodges Beginner 138
Female Lucy Mitchell Beginner 137
Female Abi Newbold Beginner 130
Female Eloise Gent Beginner 130
Female Lili Logan Beginner 114
Female Cherokee Hodges Beginner 110
Female Alice Young Beginner 107
Sex Name Catogory Round 2
Male Aaron Palmer Beginner 147
Male Jorge Fitch Beginner 144
Male Mick Hickey Beginner 134
Male Connor Ferridge Beginner 130
Male Aaron Sanders Beginner 128
Male Harry Hughes Beginner 126
Male Ben Whalt??? Beginner 110
Male Arthur Young Beginner 100
Male Kyle Partridge Beginner 97

Intermediate Category:

Sex Name Catogory Round 2
Female Dana Sayadi Intermediate 158
Female Hana Hunt Intermediate 135
Female Harriet Chiam Intermediate 110
Female Emma Lucus Intermediate 94
Female Emmi Hunt Intermediate 80
Sex Name Catogory Round 2
Male Phil Conway Intermediate 180
Male Connor Wilken Intermediate 170
Male Josh Terry Intermediate 167
Male Alex Dumbrell Intermediate 161
Male Zac Conway Intermediate 160
Male Luwai Bilbeisi Intermediate 155
Male Simon Gumery Intermediate 151
Male Rhys wilkin Intermediate 148
Male Ben Robins Intermediate 146
Male Tariq Abde-Rahim Intermediate 146
Male Jack Gladyng Intermediate 142
Male Joe Harman Intermediate 139
Male Toby Sanders Intermediate 127
Male Finley Logan Intermediate 121
Male Sam Hudyk Intermediate 114
Male Matt Ferridge Intermediate 108
Male Harry Leng Intermediate 81

Experienced Category:

Sex Name Catogory Round 2
Female Emese Bartha Experienced 171
Female Hannah Ellison Experienced 167
Female Lauren Ellison Experienced 147
Female Amy Ellison Experienced 144
Sex Name Catogory Round 2
Male Lloyd Joslin Experienced 208
Male Marcus Creed Experienced 197
Male Sean Smith Experienced 195
Male Andrew Emms Experienced 188
Male Tom Main Experienced 188
Male George Gibson Experienced 184
Male Matt Porter Experienced 183
Male Chris Harvey Experienced 182
Male Sean Lockwood Experienced 181
Male Matt Green Experienced 164
Male Oscar Ford Experienced 160
Male Leon Parttridge Experienced 78

Make sure you don’t miss out on our awesome summer series. There is a round every month with superb climbs to challenge yourselves with your friends. With Categories starting from Beginner going through to experienced there will be something for all abilities. An awesome atmosphere for all the family and friends that would like a bit of adventure in their lives.



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