Summer Bouldering Series 2019

Summer Bouldering Series 2019

Starting the summer off with bang!

Round 1 was an awesome success, with a new guest setter bringing some flare to our routes. Make sure you make it down to try these tasty treats before they come down for the next round. As usual smiles and laughter were all around even when falling off those dastardly devilish boulders. Check out where you came below and keep coming as everyone has the chance of winning something.

Beginner Category:

Sex Name Round 1
Male Ben Wallace 94
Male Martin Steinwand 94
Male Matous Kundrik 92
Male Nick Sammons 92
Female Rebekah Lockwood 84
Male Laurence Bunney 77
Male Aaron Kern 76
Female Hanna Hunt 75
Male Harry Hughes 74
Male Jaume Jorda 73
Male Mick Hickey 70
Male Lewis Cordell 60
Female Abi Newbold 54
Female Emmi Hunt 50
Male Tommy Offord 50
Female Eloise Gent 50
Female Emma Lucus 50
Female Lucy Mitchell 47
Female Lili Logan 37


Intermediate Category:

Sex Name Round 1
Male Tom Main 174
Male Connor Connor 170
Male Josh Terry 158
Female Emese Bartha 158
Male Llyle Coates 156
Male Gavin Beswick 155
Male Tim Lee 151
Male Joe Harman 151
Male Simon Gumery 149
Male Alex Dumbrell 148
Male Ben Robins 148
Male Ash Garwood 145
Male Ethen Wyatt 144
Male Finley Logan 140
Female Ella Scott-Brown 138
Male Luwai Bilbeisi 128
Male Rhys wilkin 125
Male Nathan Daldry 114
Female Georgie  Hinds-Dutton 101


Experienced Category:

Sex Name Round 1
Male Ali O’connell 186
Male Alex Hart 171
Male Andrew Emms 168
Male Mitch Peters 167
Male Sean Smith 166
Male Chris Harvey 157
Male Sean Lockwood 157
Male Toby Lovejoy 154
Female Hannah Ellison 150
Male Elliott Williams 150
Male Matthew Green 147
Female Lauren Ellison 118
Female Amy Ellison 94

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