Winter Bouldering League – Round 3

Winter Bouldering League – Round 3

Another amazing Wednesday with the third round of our Winter Bouldering League! Everyone showing impressive feats of strengths from our winning visitors to our long standing power houses. Remember to check out our Facebook and Instagram to be kept abreast of all the rounds coming up to not miss out on some awesome climbs! Pictures of the evening can be found on our Facebook:

Without further delay, the results:

Category Sex Name Round 3
Beginner Male Finley Logan 90
Beginner Male Ben Robins 85
Beginner Male William Letton 81
Beginner Female Hana Hunt 79
Beginner Female Chloe Scobbie 72
Beginner Male O’Callaghan 71
Beginner Female Carolyn Hinds 67
Beginner Male Bill Cousins 57
Beginner Female Emmi Hunt 40
Beginner Female Romane Versigny 40
Beginner Female Hannah Lewis 37
Beginner Female Mia Conway 27
Category Sex Name Round 3
Intermediate Male Carlo Ballardini 167
Intermediate Male Marcus Creed 161
Intermediate Male Andy Gaterll 154
Intermediate Male Alf Rendell 141
Intermediate Male Rob Sainty 141
Intermediate Male Luke Jackson 140
Intermediate Male Eoin Mcnamee 138
Intermediate Male Alfie O’sullivan 137
Intermediate Male Toby Lovejoy 134
Intermediate Male Jody Walker 127
Intermediate Male Tom Anderson 125
Intermediate Male Brad Adams 120
Intermediate Female Emese Bartha 118
Intermediate Male George Higgins 117
Intermediate Male Paul Bartrum 115
Intermediate Female Emma Salisbury 112
Intermediate Male Jack Gladyng 112
Intermediate Male TZM Lee 112
Intermediate Male Gavin Beswick 108
Intermediate Female Ella Scott-Brown 107
Intermediate Female Dana Sayadi 104
Intermediate Male Danny Cranmer 100
Intermediate Female Lauren Ellison 100
Intermediate Male Lawrence Cooper 89
Intermediate Male Charlie Green 83
Intermediate Male Andrew Hunt 80
Intermediate Female Georgie Hinds-Dutton 78
Intermediate Male Phil Conway 77
Intermediate Female Harriet Chiam 75
Intermediate Female Elfreda Kenneison 74
Intermediate Male Ryan Eatherton 70
Intermediate Male Zac Conway 67
Intermediate Male Paul Richardson 57
Category Sex Name Round 3
Experienced Male John Golder 197
Experienced Male Coby Diggines 185
Experienced Male Lloyd Joslin 184
Experienced Female Hannah Ellison 178
Experienced Male Ali O’connell 174
Experienced Male Charlie Fells 167
Experienced Male Andrew Emms 165
Experienced Male Matt Green 164
Experienced Male Jon Embo 164
Experienced Male Dan Wright 161
Experienced Male Tom Rae 154
Experienced Male Alex Shaw 147
Experienced Male Mitch Peters 140
Experienced Female Imke Burger 138
Experienced Male Charlie Reed 131
Experienced Male Andrew Pipe 119
Experienced Male Jeremy Doust 110

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