Winter Bouldering League Round 4

The first comp of 2019 went down a treat with one climber having sent all the problems it made for an awesome show. Amazing efforts by all and an awesome atmosphere keeping us partying into the night alongside our one year birthday party.  Remember to check out our Facebook and Instagram to be kept abreast of all the rounds coming up to not miss out on some awesome climbs! Pictures of the evening can be found on our Facebook:

Catogory Sex Name Round 4
Beginner Female Chloe Scobbie 125
Beginner Female Carolyn Hinds 121
Beginner Female Rosie King 111
Beginner Female Fiona Jones 98
Beginner Female Caroline Sharman 77
Beginner Female Louise Hyde 71
Catogory Sex Name Round 4
Beginner Male Finley Logan 122


Intermediate Category:

Catogory Sex Name Round 4
Intermediate Female Imke Burger 165
Intermediate Female Emma Salisbury 152
Intermediate Female Emese Bartha 151
Intermediate Female Georgie Hinds-Dutton 137
Intermediate Female Niya 130
Intermediate Female Elise Westera 120
Intermediate Female Lyssie Burrows 117
Intermediate Female Alexandra Clark 108


Catogory Sex Name Round 4
Intermediate Male Toby Lovejoy 170
Intermediate Male Josh Terry 168
Intermediate Male Chris Randall 163
Intermediate Male Tim Simpson 161
Intermediate Male Alex McCarthy 157
Intermediate Male Connor Wilken 146
Intermediate Male Joe Harman 145
Intermediate Male Jack Gladyng 139
Intermediate Male Stephen Watson 137
Intermediate Male Ben R 135
Intermediate Male Jordan Klakamp 133
Intermediate Male Luwai Bilbeisi 132
Intermediate Male Lewis Cordell 126
Intermediate Male :Adam Francis 103
Intermediate Male Taylor Hughes 94
Intermediate Male Sam Middleditch 87



Catogory Sex Name Round 4
Experienced Female Hannah Ellison 157
Experienced Female Lauren Ellison 147
Experienced Female Amy Ellison 140


Catogory Sex Name Round 4
Experienced Male Tom Hudson 235
Experienced Male Ali O’connell 207
Experienced Male Martin Bagshaw 201
Experienced Male Lloyn Joslin 198
Experienced Male Sean Smith 194
Experienced Male Mitch Peters 189
Experienced Male Andrew Pipe 179
Experienced Male Andrew Emms 168
Experienced Male Oscar Ford 167
Experienced Male Michal Zaczfle 162
Experienced Male Matt Green 161
Experienced Male Charlie Reed 70

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